Advantages of convincing voice

Convincing voice is one of the vital traits of leadership. You would probably find that a leader with a deep voice has a more optimistic effect on you than one with a childish voice. Appropriate voice is as necessary as the content of what the speaker is saying. Because leadership is closely and strongly related to speaking, the report says leaders with deep voice has 27% more chances to influence followers. Another report finds some astonishing facts:

  • 13% of the people say that stammering in speaker annoys them.
  • 20% of the people say that errors in pronunciation, inappropriate intonation and weasel in speaker suck them.
  • Another 11% of people say a less confident voice makes them upset.

That’s the reason why many leaders hire experts who can suggest to them the ways to harden their voice.

These subtle things change an ordinary person into an extraordinary leader.

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