Power of Brand

As Stephan king says about the brand “A product is something that is made in a factory; A brand is something bought by customer”. Reflecting the importance of brand in any market. The brand is something that assures the supplier about the sale of his product. Haven’t you noticed in a real-life experience that people prefer to buy products/services related to a brand?

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How to scale your Business?

Coronavirus didn’t only claim millions of lives but left more unemployed. Unemployment reached its peak during this period, and the concern shifted from saving lives to feeding empty stomach. In a time of great chaos, one startup plan stormed my brain. The time when are in anxiety regarding the future and present, can’t we surprise them with “Yoga”. An activity that unites the brain, body, and soul together at the same time.

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Advantages of convincing voice

Convincing voice is one of the vital traits of leadership. You would probably find that a leader with a deep voice has a more optimistic effect on you than one with a childish voice. Appropriate voice is as necessary as the content of what the speaker is saying. Because leadership is closely and strongly related to speaking, the report says leaders with deep voice has 27% more chances to influence followers. Another report finds some astonishing facts:

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Wealth isn’t Success

If you ask any ordinary person about success, he would rather derive it as “wealth”. Why? It is because the most important part of life is subsistence and money is the synonym for subsistence in today’s world. The one who has a high amount of money can buy more products/services to make his life more luxurious.

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