How corona impacted E-Business

One can hardly think of anything which can happen this year. A year in which claimed millions of lives, affected every single nation, the world economy was totally devastated, and even war broke out between Armenia-Azerbaijan resulted in the loss of thousands of soldiers and civilians. Added to this war-like situation obtained between the two most powerful nations, India and China. But one good thing which happened in between is the emerge of “E-Business”. When the world economy was choked by the effect of the coronavirus, E-business evolve as the savior of it. It witnessed a huge spike in the number of customers within a very short period. One report suggests, the percentage of IT staff dedicated to e-commerce spiked to 4.2%, the highest in the last 5 years. Other accurate data are yet to be published, but one can blindly say that e-business evolved. The whole traditional way of business has been changed to E-business. Those who weren’t in favor of online way too shifted their business. It proved one more thing that change is permanent and doesn’t matter if you are reluctant to it, or not, it will happen.  

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