How to scale your Business?

Coronavirus didn’t only claim millions of lives but left more unemployed. Unemployment reached its peak during this period, and the concern shifted from saving lives to feeding empty stomach. In a time of great chaos, one startup plan stormed my brain. The time when are in anxiety regarding the future and present, can’t we surprise them with “Yoga”. An activity that unites the brain, body, and soul together at the same time. 

For this, I will contact gym owners who are too in depression about the income and ask their members, whether they are interested in yoga or not. If we get enough response, we will execute the plan and will provide them free of cost yoga classes for 10 days, and after that ask them for free, if they are interested in further sessions, and divide it proportionately.

At inception, if we get 20 members from 10 gyms each, and charge them with 200rs. each, the sum will be 40,000rs which is an admirable start for anyone.

It will have many pros for both gym owners and for me. 

First for gym owners,

  • They will get a sum which is really required during the lockdown,
  • Participating members won’t leave their gym even after lockdown, and
  • Yoga will help them to overcome their anxiety.

For me,

  • It will help me make my own face value which would be helpful in expanding my business, and
  • I will too get an amount of money.

 This plan may not be as successful as we are imagining, but if it helps even 5 people from getting rid of the tensions due to the coronavirus, it will be a good shot.  

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