The skill of learning, unlearn and re-learn

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty”. Learning is the essence of life, and without it, no one can survive. But, what if a person gets the wrong education? What if in childhood he/she had been taught the false/half-true facts, and on that basis created his/her foundation? The mistake wasn’t made by him, but the outcome of that outlook will be imposed on him. Then how can anyone who’d been a part of the cursed curriculum change himself? The answer to these questions is the skill of un-learn, and re-learn. In other words, the skill of forgetting and learning the truth. The one who can develop these 2 skills and use them in a positive way can really save himself from indulging in bad deeds. But the problem is applying un-learn and re-learn isn’t as simple as learning. Because challenging your thoughts is far more difficult than creating new ones on the base of them.

Let’s take the example of a building. Learning in childhood is like the foundation of the building and further learning is like the stories on it. Un-learn and re-learn is like vandalizing the building of wrong learnings and building the new building of good learning. For any architect(student), it is easy to add more stories than demolishing & constructing the new one. And it is human behavior to choose the easiest option. That’s the skill of learning is more visible than the remaining 2 skills.

The same technique terror outfits use to manipulate the terrorist. Since childhood, they make them radical by teaching false facts and never give them time to think and develop un-learn and re-learn. The foundation of radical thoughts slowly turns into a building and eventually ends up with the burial of own architect in the debris of a building of false facts.

This is not limited here only. But the civilians are too a victim of it. Various stereotypes are the fruit of this seed. Stereotypes like all Dalit are less privileged till today, males cannot be a victim of gender-based crimes and females can’t be a perpetrator of it.

All the stereotypes are the indicator that as per the requirement of time, we didn’t update us. This stereotype leads the hypocrisy when people just ignore the demands of those whose ancestors were in power in the early days. For example, no one raises a voice when 287 white people have been killed in 2020 in the US, but no one stood against it. When people belong to the high caste killed by the low caste, when Hindus kill by Muslims, when males become the victim of sexual crimes by females, no one raises his/her voice against it.

These things may be subtle for some people but the impact it leaves on society is huge. These minor differences in mentality are the reason why unity against all sorts of crime is still a dream for us.

This problem is not only visible in India, but in all the nations.

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