The transition of a small Dhaba to a brand (story of “Baba Ka Dhaba”)

 “In the modern world, the internet has the power to build and destroy everything overnight”.

Viral things on the internet are a great example of the situation when things become famous and infamous within a snap.

A recent video of “Baba Ka Dhaba” is a good instance of it which got very high coverage on the internet quickly after getting viral. The video is about an old couple running a small roadside Dhaba, selling meals in Malviya Nagar, Delhi named “Baba Ka Dhaba”. After putting in 100%, they didn’t get the results, Income was very meagre despite the quality of food was good, and then one day the gem of their life came to their stall, and shot their video, His name is Gaurav Wason a Youtube Food Vlogger.

Video went viral at an exceptional rate with more than 2 million views within few hours of release. Thousands of people  went there after watching the video and couple got unimaginable support. Not only commons, but celebrities and leaders too showed their presence there and also showed suppport and love digitally

Story is basic, as thousands before and after them got and will get this kind of celebrity status for a little period of time as Ranu Mondal got too, but now she is nowhere. Though story is fine and people are hoping they should never return to their same conditions like earlier. But, here are some points to consider.

Why do we show our kindness occasionally? And, is there any surety they would never face the same condition as earlier? These questions are highly important to be asked. It is not like people who are now going to this stall “Baba Ka Dhaba” has never seen it before it went viral, but they didn’t go there because it wasn’t famous. Fortunately, this time this couple had a luck on their side, but there are thousands of other small businesses, whose owners need assistance too, but they never get, Because they aren’t famous. Now thousands of people are going to this “Baba Ka Dhaba”, and a huge number belongs to the people who are there just to show off. Do you think those people who are going there would have gone there, if they weren’t famous? If yes, then why only this stall? Millions other needs this sort of assistance and they are not getting because they didn’t go viral. And if no, then their intention must be questioned.

Think of the life of rickshaw pullers, labours, craftsmen, and many other job profiles who work very hard but don’t get attention and respect as needed.

Every year thousands of initiatives launch to promote the locals in India, but for little comfort and brand, we ignore these traders.

Another question needs to be put forward is, is there any surety they will never face conditions like past again? Remember the name Ranu Mondal, an overnight sensation who got extraordinary lime light for a very short period of time. Singers signed her for albums, but when the limelight is gone, she went back to her normal life and it became worse. That’s the problem. We do respect only for a period of time when someone is famous, and when that person loses his limelight, we ignore as they never existed.

But eventually, it a such a noble gesture of the man who made “Baba Ka Dhaba” famous selflessly. Just for a few time only, at least they got the love they needed.

And the only thing which we need to focus on is, we should not wait for the limelight to come to show our kindness, but this should remain as hideous as oxygen in air, and it should not be occasionally, but permanent.

Let’s end it with a famous quote “If you have something to offer, offer it before it diminishes”.

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