Wealth isn’t Success

If you ask any ordinary person about success, he would rather derive it as “wealth”. Why? It is because the most important part of life is subsistence and money is the synonym for subsistence in today’s world. The one who has a high amount of money can buy more products/services to make his life more luxurious. That’s why people generally derive success as wealth. But here is a misconception. Though money is required to live a life, so the behavior is. Eventually, we are social species and need to communicate and coordinate with others as well, and for that behavior is necessary. One can buy any product/ service by money, but cannot buy respect until he/she doesn’t have attractive behavior. But unfortunately, the race for money has subsided the race for virtues. Now people don’t learn to be good but just to earn money. The increasing number of crimes is an instance of it.
Remember, Lord Rama was god when lived in the palace, and remained when was banished for 14 years. Mahatma budh wasn’t mahatma until he left his palace and accepted the truth of life.
That’s why don’t always focus on earning money. Give some time to yourself and think of positive changes which are essential for you, and adopt it.

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