Your Surrounding Defines You

If you ask any Indian about the most repeated phrase in their childhood they would answer it “apni sangat sudhar lo”. Doesn’t matter which age or generation you belong to; you must have heard it. For listeners, it might be a matter of irritation, but speakers know the importance of it. Importance of upbringing which plays a vital role in the psychology of kids, which eventually leads to his future. Observe the surrounding of a person who has achieved something in his/her life, and the person who hasn’t done something remarkable, or wrongly done, you will find a difference between their atmosphere where they have grown in most cases. It is because kids are the best observers. They learn too quickly what they see around themselves. Upbringing doesn’t only depend on parents, but on other factors too i.e., friends, relatives, teacher, etc. In many instances, you can find that the kid doesn’t carry the same virtues as his parent carry (either good or bad). It can be either because of other factors (friends, relatives, teachers) or maybe the kid is an exception. But, here is something to remember that kids are susceptible to nearby actions, and the best thing their parents can do for them is to provide them a cherishing atmosphere.   

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